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These companies have previously used Treecological:

Ancienne Belgique (AB)

“AB values sustainability. We are aware that organizing concerts has an important impact on the environment. We try set an example in the cultural sector by organizing events as sustainably as possible. And a lot can be done, for example, we have succeeded in reducing the share of travel by car to AB among the 300,000 annual visitors from more than 70% to about 50%. By offering vegetarian food, we have been able to convince many artist-carnivores that eating veggie can be just as good. “

“For trips abroad, we go by train and the few times that our employees have to take the plane, we are happy to compensate our CO 2 emissions via Treecological. “

Dirk De Clippeleir – Managing Director AB


“We take action to increase our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. We also invest in carbon compensation initiatives. Since 2011, we have been working structurally with BOS+ who – in collaboration with local NGOs – is investing in a sustainable reforestation project in Ecuador. A beautiful project, with a positive environmental impact and a strong social dimension.”

Ineke Rampart – Corporate Affairs Director Telenet

Kriskras reizen

“The entire organisational policy of KrisKras is sustainable. For example, we consciously choose not to organize more than 40% of our trips to far-flung destinations. 50% of our activities (travel, weekends, day trips) are by land or water.

As the culmination of a sustainable transport policy, we compensate for the CO2emissions of all minibus journeys and the CO2emissions of our tour guides’ air travel via Treecological. We encourage participants to do this for their own journeys.”

Veerle DevillĂ© – Substainability Manager Kriskras