How does it work?

With our calculator you can easily calculate and compensate your CO 2 emissions. Learn more about how this is done below.


What do you want to compensate?

In our calculator you have to select from a few categories. With Treecological you can, for example, calculate the CO 2 emissions from your journey by car, bus, train or plane. Another option is to calculate your personal footprint and/ or your household emissions.


Calculate your emissions

Enter your details and indicate which options correspond to your use. You can easily add additional categories in this step as well. Using the Treecological algorithm, you can quickly find out your CO 2 emissions and consumption by weight.


Compensate your emissions

After you have calculated your CO 2 emissions and consumption, you can compensate for this by choosing one of our projects that you would like to donate to. BOS + is then responsible for planting the new forest.

Why compensate?

Since the industrial revolution, population growth and a subsequently growing consumption of energy and goods have increased global CO 2 emissions to such an extent that it changes our climate. The impact of our way of life on this planet has gradually become unacceptably large. Time for action to turn the tide.

Forest and CO2-storage

Forests absorb CO 2 and capture it for years. The carbon is stored in the wood and leaves of trees, as well as in the soil. Forests are real carbon reservoirs, so part of our greenhouse gas emissions can be compensated for by afforesting soils.

The Treecological-forests

All Treecological forests have a permanent character and would not have been planted without your compensation. These forests are constantly monitored by an external party and do not lead to deforestation elsewhere. The saved CO 2 is claimed only once.

Cloud forests in Ecuador

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Tips & Tricks

The best CO 2 molecule is the CO 2 molecule that we don’t emit. The priority therefore remains to avoid and reduce our CO 2 emissions as much as possible. This can be done in many ways.

Support one of our projects

Would you like to support one of our projects and help us plant the Treecological forests? Simply go to our calculator, calculate your emissions, make a donation and we’ll do the rest.